Indigenous Wisdom Series: What Is Healing?

Offering cross-cultural perspectives in Health and Well Being.

Sunday, 2 – 4 pm, February, 14th:  The Inner Healer
David Cumes

In Southern African tradition there are three main diagnostic methods; divination, dreams and trance possession. Healing is usually given through rituals mediated through the container of sacred plants in different ways. For every problem there is a solution. All outcomes occur through spirit guides who facilitate and heal through love or universal healing energy. We are only as powerful as our guides who help us.

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Sunday, 6 – 8pm, March 14th: The Healing Power of Sound
Bon Lama and Gyanesh

Gyanesh Lama, was born in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. He grew up as a farmer, a cattle herder, a porter, and a craftsman, spending much of his childhood ploughing farmlands. He left his village with his cousin to go to the city of Bhaktapur, walking for over a day to get to the nearest road. There he worked as a Thangka Artist, an indigenous Himalayan Painting tradition. He learned English so he could speak with tourists to sell his Thangka and wooden masks. But his learning English changed his destiny. Fast forward, he became the first ever to get elementary schooling in his family, first to go to high school and to get a college degree in his village, and first and the only person to receive a PhD in his community. He comes from a family of Bon lineage holders, his father is a Bonpo. At present, Dr. Lama is a professor of social work at California State University, Fresno.

Gyanesh will translate for his father, Bon Lama and you will be able to experience the traditional ceremony and healing traditions of the Katmandu Valley of Nepal.

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