Please join us for this auspicious ceremony to be held on Friday July 7th at 7pm.

You will have the opportunity to receive a  transmission from Bon Lama from Nepal.

The ceremony will help us to maintain harmony and peace in our lives.

The Bonpo practice is an ancient indigenous Himalayan healing practice and the primary source of healthcare in the Himalayas for generations. The method draws healing power directly from higher spirits and from nature to promote well-being (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and social), and to protect and preserve life in all forms. This spiritual practice predates all organized religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, and all modern hospital systems of health.

The ceremony is free and open to all.

We ask if you can donate, please be generous, the proceedes will go to the education and cultural preservation of the Bonpo community and traditional practices

Make your tax deductible 501(c)3, donation to BONPO EDUCATION AND CULTURAL PRESERVATION.


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