Born to Create

Creativity is essential during this great climax of our time—if we are to resolve the pressing issues that define whether our way of life evolves or dissolves. This interactive presentation honors the spirit of creativity that courses through our lives, art, culture, and nature. Every experience we have calls forth a creation story. This talk, full of poetry, ideas, and images of natural beauty and exquisite Native American pottery, invites you to imagine what’s possible when we co-design a new creation story at this precious and precarious point in our planetary existence.

Water Ceremony

In this ceremony, we will honor Mother Water and invoke the rain that our parched, scorched lands need to come into balance. We invite you to bring water from natural water sources including the ocean, streams, lakes, and waterfalls in a glass container. (No tap water, please.)

NOTE:  Please try to arrive by 5:30 pm. 

RSVP by e-mail to: info@shamanismconference.org

Ohlone Herbal Center
1250 Addison St, Suite G
Berkeley, CA


Our salons offer an informal format, usually with a special guest. We will meet about once a month to explore a particular topic in depth. The salons are opportunities for wide ranging, in-depth discussions that will grapple with the challenges of changes to our current prevailing worldviews. Our special focus is healing in body, mind, and spirit, especially by learning from indigenous teachers from around the world.

In our conferences over the last 40 years, we have hosted healers from many traditions. For the next period of time we have decided to hold informal salon discussions as a way to deepen our understanding of these traditions and how they can be applied to our everyday lives and work. This brings particular challenges which we hope to better understand.

We hope to see you there as we create a healing community circle.

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