International Conference on
Shamanism, Healing & Transformation

This year we will explore The Heart of Healing through a number of themes: Shamanic approaches in education, evidence of shamanic and other related forms of healing, healing stories, mindfulness and energy healing, African healing systems and healing dreams.

The conference will be held, August, 30th-September,1st, 2014 at Santa Sabina Center, in San Rafael, California. As in the past, the conference will consist of a mixture of presentations, panels, performances, rituals and ceremonies and will include the participation of indigenous shamans. We invite submissions for contributions to this conference that specifically fit into the themes listed above (deadline May, 30th).

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Mongolian Shaman Lkhagvajav Lewis Barbara
Amgalannyam Lkhaasuren Lkhagvajav
Lewis Mehl-Madrona, MD, PhD Barbara Mainguy Jianshe Liu
Amgalannyam has played an important role in developing ritual and ceremony in accordance with traditional Mongolian customs. Lkhagvajav
Sengee is a journalist and researcher of Mongolian Shamanist Institute has written and published 30 works about shamanism.
Dr. Mehl-Madrona's mission is to bring indigenous wisdom into the contemporary practice of medicine and psychology. Barbara Mainguy believes in the importance of energy, the power of animals, and the interconnected quantum multi-verse. Jianshe Liu worked as a healer at the medicineless hospital in China . He now has a chi gong center on Hainan Island.

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Our mission is to bring together shamans and healers from around the world, to promote a better understanding of healing and how it contributes to restoring the wellbeing of humanity and our planet.

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31st International Shamanism Conference