Protecting Earth, Water, Air, and Light
Honoring the Wisdom of our Ancestors for Future Generations

2017 Conference

International Conference on Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom, Healing and Transformation

33rd Annual International Conference

Labor Day Weekend ~ September 2-4, 2017 ~ San Rafael, CA

Proposals Due April 30th

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Presenter Highlights

Dr Maria Michael

Dr Maria Michael

Is a world renown medical intuitive. She is a Lakota/ Dine traditional elder. She has participated in and led traditional ceremonies and healing circles. She will be conducting a water ceremony.
Natem Anank

Natem Anank

Is a Shaur Uwishin(Traditional Healer) from the Ecuadorian rain forest. He believes we must create a human bridge that unites all tribes, all people. Together we must rescue the key to the imense knowledge of the Great Wise Ones, now on the verge of being lost.
The entire 2016 conference is now available on cds in mp3 format. The order form can be found on the website under Recordings.