Indigenous Wisdom Series: What Is Healing?

Offering cross-cultural perspectives in Health and Well Being.

Connecting with Spirit Guides and Script Dreams
David Cumes M.D.
Sunday, 2-4pm, August 8th

Spirit guides can script our dreams and also download information for us while we are awake. They serve as a vital “App,” assisting us in fulfilling our destiny and connecting with Self. Being non-local in space and time gives them a perspective more inclusive than our own. Spiritual practice allows us to cross the veil between worlds during sleep and receive their guidance. These dreams can be life-saving and unraveling them does not require psychological expertise. It helps to understand the differences between instructional, non-instructional dreams and intrusive incursions and the mechanisms in which they occur, as well as how to manage them. There will be time allotted for meditation and dream sharing.

David Cumes M.D. was born in South Africa and is a practicing sangoma (Zulu for shaman) and surgeon who has taught at Stanford Medical Center and now lives in Santa Barbara , California. He is a bridge between ancient African wisdom and Western medicine. His roots are in Africa and his quest is to bring this primal, original knowledge – which will never change – back to the West.


How To Live Your Best Story Possible:  Insights from an Aboriginal Cultural and Spiritual Perspective
Paul Callaghan
Sunday, 2-4pm, September 12th

From when we are very young, the Western World places pressure on us to conform with the dominant culture worldview of success. This worldview usually centers around career, income, power and material possessions. From an Australian Aboriginal perspective, these elements are narrow, constrictive and take us away from our life purpose and therefore well-being. The world is in crisis, countries are in crisis, communities are in crisis and individuals are in crisis. We have drifted from the Dreaming Path. We have lost our way. The need for healing has never been more critical. For over 60,000 years (which equates to approximately 2,000 generations), Aboriginal people have achieved well-being in body, mind and spirit. In my presentation, I will describe how this was achieved. As I outline these critical elements, the listener will start to see the pathway to well-being in today’s society and in so doing, gain an understanding of the healing road we must all walk. The Old People say ‘When we leave this world behind, all we leave behind is our story, so make it the best story possible.’ 

Paul Callaghan is an Aboriginal man belonging to the land of the Worimi people which is located one hour north of Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Paul has held a number of senior executive positions in his career and has qualifications in the disciplines of surveying, drafting,and commerce. He is about to complete a PhD in Creative Practice at the University of New England. His most important learning however, has been through going bush with Elders. 

Paul is a motivational speaker, a story teller, a dancer, a healer and an author. His book entitled Iridescence – Finding Your Colours and Living Your Story was published in 2014 and his new book The Dreaming Path will be published September, 2021. These books provide insights on how the modern world can benefit from the wisdom of Aboriginal Elders through an increased understanding of Aboriginal culture and spirituality. 

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