Indigenous Wisdom Series: What Is Healing?

Offering cross-cultural perspectives in Health and Well Being.

Sunday, 6 – 8pm, March 14th: Himilayan Bon Healing
Bon Lama and Gyanesh

The Himalayan Bon Healing has been practiced in Nepal from the beginning of time. The healers of the Himalayas are known as  Bonpo, a revered and honorary title in the native Tamang language for a healer who is endowed with an ability to see a life-force beyond physical senses, and who strengthens this force to its optimum by cleansing impurities and empowering it with celestial energies. This presentation will take you back to the beginning of time, origin of Bonpos and their healing, and to a new insight into life and health. He will also discuss ceremony as part of healing. Bon Lama, is one of the few remaining Bonpos in Nepal.

Gyanesh will translate for his father, Bon Lama and you will be able to experience the traditional ceremony and healing traditions of the Katmandu Valley of Nepal.

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Sunday, 2 – 4 pm, April, 11th:  The Modern Alchemy of Western Medicine and Indigenous Healing
Jana Din and David Steinhorn, MD

In this presentation David Steinhorn, MD and Jana Din will share their work providing healing support to critically ill patients and their family members at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA.  Their successful, integrative medicine partnership as a Western physician and a shamanic healer, began in 2013. Their collaboration and indigenous approach to healing continues nationwide, and was featured in a nationally broadcast television show, Healing Quest, in a segment titled, “Shamans in the ICU”.  Dr. Steinhorn and Ms. Din will share compelling stories of the profound healing wisdom that the youngest patients can offer at the end of life. Attendees will experience this indigenous healing approach through a guided shamanic journeying process while led by a calming drum beat.

For more in-depth information about their healing and teaching collaboration, and to access the guided journeys they developed to alleviate feelings of separation, loss, grief, anxiety, and stress, see their website https://www.healingjourneys.life/

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Sponsored by:
Berkeley Herbal Center and
The Society of Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom and Healing
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