Apela Colorado, Ph.D

Dreaming in Times of Opening

You are invited to participate in the Chartres Dream Work process. Named after the sacred site in France, the Chartres process is inspired by the Oneida dream practices of  Apela Colorado, PhD. Unlike dream work anywhere, Chartres dreaming is place based and collective. Dream work is convened in a Circle with prayer and music. We move through the Circle with people sharing dreams. Simultaneously the dreams are recorded in written notes and graphically illustrated. There is no cross talk or analysis, we simply listen deeply.
When the dream work concludes a Team of seven people meet, separately to curate, contemplate, discuss and look for a narrative to emerge from the collection of dreams. This narrative is then put into a slide show, with sound and reported back to the community of dreamers for further reflection.
In preparation, please pay attention to the dreams that come to you and journal them. On the actual day of our meeting, we have one hour to share dreams. Please have what feels like your most salient or compelling dream ready to share. Please review the video attachments that lay out the dream process and welcome you into an authentic, Euro-based, emergent dream ceremony.

Apela Colorado, Ph.D. is of Oneida-Gaul ancestry, has dedicated her life’s work to bridge Western thought and indigenous worldviews. As a Ford Fellow, Dr. Colorado studied for her doctorate at both Harvard and Brandeis Universities and received her Ph.D. from Brandeis in Social Policy in 1982. She founded the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network (WISN) in 1989 to foster the revitalization, growth, and worldwide exchange of traditional knowledge and to safeguard the lives and work of the world’s endangered traditional culture practitioners. In 1997, Dr. Colorado was one of twelve women chosen from 52 countries by the State of the World Forum (http://www.worldforum.org) to be honored for her role as a woman leader.

In addition to WISN’s many projects—which span the globe and range from research on migration stories of indigenous peoples in Central Asia to big cat conservation—Dr. Colorado founded the Indigenous Science and Peace Studies,  UN University of Peace, the first fully accredited advanced degree program taught from an Indigenous perspective that consciously integrates western knowledge. She has also authored numerous articles (listed below), including several in peer-reviewed journals, and is the author of Woman between the Worlds (2017).


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