David Cumes, M.D.

Dream Weaving with Sacred Sound

Spirit guides can script our dreams and also download information for us while we are awake. They can provide a vital source of information for our spiritual transformation. Being non-local in space and time gives them a perspective more inciteful than our own. These dreams can be life-enhancing, and unraveling them does not require psychological expertise. It helps to understand the differences between instructional, non-instructional dreams and intrusive incursions as well as how to respond to them. Sound helps us to cross the veil between worlds during sleep and receive their guidance. After an introductory talk Bodhi will give us a sound meditation to facilitate the night’s dreaming. Following this there will be time for questions.

Bodhi has also kindly agreed to provide a link to use after the evening’s closure and before sleep during the duration of the conference. The following morning at 8.30 a.m. those that want, can log on to share dreams before the main session.

David Cumes, M.D. was born in South Africa and is a practicing sangoma and surgeon. He received his medical training in Johannesburg and has taught at Stanford Medical Center.  He spent extended periods of time with the San hunter-gatherers in the Kalahari.


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