Bonpo Education and Preservation Project

The Bonpo Education and Sacred Site Preservation Project
Preserving Sacred Bonpo Shrine (Noba La Ghang) of the Himalayas


Dear Friends,

This proposal seeks financial support from people who are called to preserve an ancient Bonpo sacred site in the Himalayas that is in jeopardy of being destroyed. Building a Shrine on this site will ensure the preservation and maintenance of knowledge from the ancient pre Buddhist healing systems of the Bonpos (indigenous healers).


Introduction and Background

The Bonpo practice is an ancient indigenous Himalayan healing system. The method draws its healing power directly from higher spirits and from the natural world to promote total well being (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, social), and to protect and preserve all life forms. This spiritual practice predates all organized religions, including Buddhism, and all modern hospital systems of health.

The Problem

In recent decades, the Bonpo healing system has come under attack. The government is converting ancient Bonpo shrines of the high Himalayas into tourist destinations. The government has launched mass-media campaigns against the healing system. They portray the Bonpos as backward, uneducated, and illiterate mountain tribes who function as remote cults, removed from the modern world.

The Need

This particular shrine, Noba La Ghang, is in a great danger of being totally destroyed. For thousands of years, this sacred place, which sits on a high mountain top, where the living spirit resides, has served as the most sacred site among the Bonpo shrines. Special meditation is held twice a year, in July and November. There is no other place like this in the entire Himalayas for the Bonpo practice.

The Bonpos wish to protect the sacredness of this place by building a sanctuary in front of the shrine. At this site, they can  continue revitalizing the age-old tradition of training a new generation of people who wish to become Bonpo healers.

Toward realization of this goal, the Bonpos are asking for your financial, spiritual and moral support. They urgently require a minimum of  $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) to secure the spot on the mountain top, by July 15th 2021, where they wish to build a Bonpo sanctuary (pictured above) the government won’t be able to privatize the land and sell it to commercial entities. If the Bonpos cannot secure this place within the next few months, it will be a terrible loss to the thousands of years of Bonpo traditional healing culture.

On behalf of the Himalayan Bonpo healers, we humbly ask for your kindness and compassion in helping to restore and preserve indigenous rights by supporting the education of future Bonpo healers. Please support this intervention that contributes to this effort.

The land will be held in a trust overseen by the Elders of the Bonpo Community.

Legal advice is appreciated.

All funds raised will go directly to the Bonpo education project.

Thank you and deep gratitude and respect for your support!

How to Support:

Tax deductible donations can be made to the Bonpo Education & Preservation Project through the fiscal support of the( Society of Indigenous and Ancestral Healing).. The Society is a California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation, 501(c)(3), and registered Charitable Trust.

PayPal link: DONATE to Bonpo Education & Preservation Project or

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Checks: Make out to “SIAH” (Society of Indigenousl and Ancestral Healing).  Please make sure to indicate in the Memo line: “Bonpo Education & Preservation.”

Mail checks to: PO Box 1855, Sebastopol, Ca 95473

For more information, you can contact,

Thank you.

With  deep gratitude and respect for your support,

Gyanesh Lama

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