Paul Callaghan

Healing the World Through Listening to the Spirit Ancestors

For over 100,000 years, Aboriginal people of Australia have lived lives of wellbeing, described in our way as living a good story and achieving our dreaming path. We are conceived in love, born in love, grow in love and are  placed back to our Mother, Mother Earth in love. Central to our lives is the carriage of Traditional Lore which in essence is about caring for my place and all things in my place.

If I dance for my Mother, sing for my Mother, care for my Mother, learn about my Mother and love my Mother, she will always give me what I need. We have done this for over 3,000 generations.

In modern society we buy and sell the Mother, dig into her, scar her, detonate explosives in her, poison her and kill her children (the birds, furred animals, reptiles, fish, trees, plants and all manner of living things). If our   Mother is sick, then we all become sick. Healing the world begins with healing our Mother.

 The Mother is in fever and the Spirit Ancestors are warning us to take heed and change our ways. The answer is for us to remember the old ways and teach the new world to listen to the spirits of the Old Ones. We must unite  to care for our place and all things in our place. No one is to be left behind

PAUL CALLAGHAN is a Worimi man who was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and grew up in the small coastal town of Karuah where he has many special memories. He has held a number of senior executive positions in his career, but his passion has always been around healing individuals, communities, and the earth ~ our Mother. He is an Aboriginal storyteller and dancer and has recently published a book, Iridescence—Finding Your Colours and Living Your Story, that provides insights into achieving improved well-being using Aboriginal culture and philosophy.


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