Phillip Scott

Medicine of Grief: Remembering the Ancients

Impermanence is the truth of existence, which often engenders grief – our most profound and potent teacher.  It is precisely these challenging and painful learnings (and the compassion and tender heartedness that emerges), which catapult us toward the Sacred
and allow us to connect and commune with those who have made their Journeys Home. Aligning with the Ancestors grants us the gift of honoring our blood and tutelary lineages
and remembering their contributions to our lives. Join Chief Phillip in a Wiping of the Tears Ceremony to remember and celebrate those who have gone before, the Medicine we have received and the work yet to accomplish in solidarity, together.

Phillip Scott Of mixed Ancestry and thrice struck by Lightning, Phillip Scott has faithfully walked the Native Path for forty years, learning from and sanctioned by traditional Medicine/Holy people, tribal Spiritual leaders, Wisdomkeepers and Elders from several Indigenous cultures. Annually Sundancing in the Lakota tradition for over three decades and a member of the Native American Church, he is a Ceremonial leader and Traditional healer, entrusted to share Indigenous wisdom and Medicine practices with the contemporary world.


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