Presenters and titles of Presentations – 2014 Confernece

Natem Anank – “Wisdom of the Shuar Uwishin from the Ecuadorian Rain Forest”

Denita Benyshek – “Transliminality in Shamans, Artists, and Audiences”

Janet Caliri – “Visible Transitions”

Vladimir Cardema – “Didgeridoo Sound Healing Journey”

Peter Fairfield – “The Heart is the Pivot” – The Physiology of Enlightenment

Maria Owl Gutierrez – “From Infertility to Motherhood: One Healer’s Work Midwifing Baby Spirits Into the Womb”

Gail Hayssen – “My Experiences of Joining a Global Shamanic Family”

Ella Hope – “The Ancient Religion of the Great Mother, Shamanism, & the Heart of Healing”
Ancient Techniques of the Great Mother. “The Snake-Bird-Tree Goddess: Dance of Illumination” Group movement experiential

Karen Jaenke – “Shamans Dream for the Collective”

Ira Knox – “A Healing Dream: Adapting Ourselves to the Coming Times”

Jurgen W Kremer – “Cultural Exchange and Indigenous Visionary Sovereignty”

Ursula Kremer – “Nurturing Children’s’ Relationship with the Elements of the Natural World”

Stanley Krippner – “ Studying the Shamans of the Ameritas”

Lucy Lewis – Host for Panel Discussion

Jianshe Liu – “Qigong – An Advanced Life Science” – “What is Qi healing?”

Pat Medvick – “Cultural vMemes (core value systems) and Shamanism, moving along the spiral to second tier”

Lewis Mehl Madrona & Barbara Mainguy – “Psychosis or Extraordinary Adventure?”

Serena Mayo

Jean Millay – “Self-Discovery Science” – A Panel Discussion

Presenters from Institute Ataa Tenger of Mongolia

  1. Prof. Batbayar Gonchigdorj,  Ph D – Director
  2. Lkhagvajav Sengee – Shaman “Method and Skill of Shaman’s Cure and Treatment”
  3. Amgalannyam Lkhaasuren – Shaman  “Mongolian Shamanic Healing Method”
  4. Nandintsetseg Khurelkhuyag  – Researcher  “Energy Transmission and Secret Tantra”
  5. Prof. Narantsatsralt Sambalkhundev Ph D – Researcher  “Magical Incantation of Nomadic Mongolians”
  6. Prof. Baasandorj Dashdondog, Ph D. – Professor  “Heavenly Music – Shaman’s Tongue Musical Instrument”
  7. Prof. Ganbold Purev, Ph.D. ”The Essence of Mongolian culture- Shamanism”
  8. Saruul Magsar –  Foreign Relations Officer

Jan Ogren – “Psychological Healing: Inviting Spirit Guides into the Psychotherapy Process”

Richard Russo & Meredith Sabini – “Deep Dreaming: A Group Shamanic Practice”

Raymond T. Ruka – “Mana, The Umbilical Cord of Love”

Meredith Sabini – “Visionary Dreams About Our Future”

Chris Schnabel – “Senoi-ya: A Story of Spirit and Soul”

Sitaramaya Sita – “Healing with Master Plants”

Stephanie Taylor – “The Shamanic Applications of Healing Tai Chi Chuan”

Munkhjargal Jalbuujav and Tsolmon Gantula – “Shaman Story of Tsolmon – Evidence of Shamanic Healing”

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