Raymond Ruka

Offering the Sacred Balm: Presence

There is a word in our Maori language, Matakite which could mean, seer, second sight, prophecy, intuition. Raymond Ruka will speak about how his Ancient Matriarchal Lineage, of Waitaha (The Water Carrierswere able to successfully maintain their non-warrior aspect, while being forcibly merged into a newer Maori Society and most recently (Late 1700’s) by the European visitors who arrived in the 1700’s and decided to stay.

This presentation will show how a combination of how all our different systems of belief, perception, truth and tale, intermix and winds itself through the practical process of our human living process, generation after generation, wherever we may be situated on our wonderful Blue Mother Sphere, to determine which of the laws/lore’s should be, deleted from, altered, or continued with as we hand the reins of oversight to those who will walk in their own shoes, but follow the imprint of ours. Maybe then, they may look further back into our own for the examples who left theirs, seared in rock.

Raymond Ruka  is an Elder and Priest (Tohunga) from the Matriarchal Peace Nation of Waitaha, in Aotearoa, New Zealand. He was named “The First Rainbow” (Uenuku mai Tawhiti) by the Grandmothers and “Mountain Hawk”(Kahu o te Maunga) by the Grandfathers.



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