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Pre Conference Workshop and Conference Registration
Vegetarian, Non-Vegetarian, Special needs, i.e. Gluten free etc...
We can't guarantee fulfillment of all preferences, but Santa Sabina will do its best.
Space is limited. Priority registration goes to those who register for the conference. For Thursday 8/31 and Friday 9/1 accommodations please contact the Villa Inn, in walking distance from Santa Sabina.
pre conference workshop add-ons
Conference registration is now closed.
Tech Support for Presenters:
An LCD projector, laptop, and slide projector are available for you at the conference; you must use the laptop and LCD projector set up for your presentation. You will not be able to use your own laptop and projector in order to avoid the hassles of past conferences. Please bring any other technical tools you will need.

All audiovisual materials (power point presentations, videos, etc.) need to be submitted in advance of the conference by August 20. to insure smooth presentation of these materials. All materials will be loaded on one computer in advance to insure that the file(s) will play without problems. Mail CD-ROM, DVD, or flash drive to Society for the Study of Shamanism, PO Box 1855, Sebastopol, CA 95467.

If someone will be attending the conference you wish to room with please enter their name here.

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