Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu

The Dance Before

As we move in uncertain times, are we being invited to do something deeply alchemical   to remember the dance we did before all the chaos? Where can we find information about The Dance Before, and can it help us re-imagine and bring forth a sustainable future? Yeye Omileye and Chief Olu Derrick Lewis will reveal insights that address this question from the West African and world Oracular cultures, stories and philosophies.

Yeye Omileye is an artist, author, trauma sensitive psychotherapist and priestess.  In 2016 she had a profound vision that spoke of catastrophic environmental disasters. She was directed to find “The Tibetan Oracle” for a solution. She did, he turned out to be Nechung Kuten La. He verified her vision to be true and directed her to  tell as many people to start honoring the Four Elemental Mothers who were out of balance. In 2018 he gave her initiation recognition as Water Mother, Osun (Mamaki). She is known for her work to help heal our hearts and environments. She is the co-founder of the International Humanity4Water Awards, and has traveled around the sharing ancient ceremonies and teachings. Her work has led her to be invited to the United Nations. 

Chief Olu has a unique combination of being a Duke Graduate, Ifa priest, diviner, master drummer, and specialist in IT.  He loves working towards the balance of the planet.

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