Audrya Chancellor

The Didgeridoo is a sacred tool that Mother Earth communicates through. My breath allows the didgeridoo to sing the songs of nature. The trees sing, calling to awaken the hearts of humanity that we may all listen to the drum beat that connects us. All Relations walking, flying, swimming on this earth, all the star people dancing in the cosmos; our ancestors and the ones that are waiting to come into human form on our planet. 

The traditional name of the Didgeridoo is the Yidaki. The Yidaki is a sacred tool the Indigenous Aboriginals of Australia have used since the beginning of time in ceremony, song, dance, visual art and stories.

I had the honor of traveling to Australia with my didgeridoo from Canada. I was blessed to connect with elders and a small community from Arnhem Land. As they witnessed my respect for their culture and felt my heart through the song of the didgeridoo; I was welcomed as a sister and given their blessing to play. I am so grateful for the opportunity to sing for the trees and Mother Earth.

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