David Cumes, M.D.

A Walk with a White Sangoma

Sometimes more profound lessons can be gleaned from story than from facts. The intention of this talk is to weave ancient wisdom around my own “story” from surgeon to sangoma with the lessons learned so that it can embellish and expand your own unique story. These universal principles can make your own journey more meaningful by amplifying encounters that you have ignored, forgotten or trivialized on the way. It is time now more than ever, to look back, so we can all better plan for what we need to do for ourselves and others in the future. These lessons can apply to anyone no matter what their archetype or core strength happens to be.

David Cumes, M.D. was born in South Africa and is a practicing sangoma and surgeon. He received his medical training in Johannesburg and has taught at Stanford Medical Center.  He spent extended periods of time with the San hunter-gatherers in the Kalahari.

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