Day Three 2017

Musical Offering
Tito La Rosa

Tito La Rosa sound healer and renowned Peruvian master of Ican and pre-Incan instruments.

Delia Chilgran
A Journey of Healing and Spirt

A narrative of Delia’s shamanic and energy work with, her then, 15 year old nephew who had been diagnosed with life-treatening cancer.  The journey of healing and spirit occurred remotely, with her in California and him in rural Idaho, over a period of six months.

Delia Chilgran was initiated as a shaman in 2004.  Delia studied with more experienced shamans and began her shamanic practice in 2014.


A Tribute to Fawn Journeyhawk:  Ethnography of a Madan/Shawnee Doctor
Ron Boyer/Stanley Krippner/Carley Turner

Rituals of the Marigoli:  Healing the Earth
Stanley Chagala

Stanley will talk about one of the rites of passage that is used in his village, with the guidance of elders, to prepare and to initiate and empower young children as young as 5 years old to graduate spiritually and emotionally from childhood to adulthood; to take up their place in the community and take on the responsibility of caring for all our ancestors.

Stanley Chagala comes from the Maragoli people of Wastern Kenya.  He was raised as a 4th generation Quaker in combination with traditional Maragoli cultural rites of passage and healing practices.

Sacred Politics
Glenn Parry

The underlying spiritual principles that led to the founding of the United States were largely based on living examples of Native American societies that were far more egalitarian than the monarchies that prevailed in Europe at the time.  The most important and enduring concepts of America:  the spiritual principles behind We the People; natural rights; liberty and justice; federalism; a bit-cameral Congress, our systems of checks and balances all came directly or indirectly from Native America.

Glenn Parry is an educator, speaker and eco-psychologist.  He is the author of the Nautilus award-winning book, Original Thinking:  A Radical Revisioning of Time, Humanity, and Nature


Lyla June Johnston: Music

Lyla June Johnson is of Diné (Navajo), Cheyenne and European lineages.  She is a musician, poet, anthropologist, community organizer, and servant of humanity.

Lead by Wisdom
Joyce Anastasia

This conversation is intended to evoke that sacred reconnection to our own uniqueness, to the gifts of one another and to the works around us helping us with increased clarity, sound decision-making and greater positive impact in all areas of our lives, truly allowing us to lead by greater wisdom.

Joyce Anastasia, Ph.D has 20+ years of experience of multidisciplinary psychology, creative arts, business and leadership.  She has traveled extensively, bridging Western and Indigenous cultures, intuition and logic, and the divine masculine and feminine.

The Sophistication of Diné Wisdom: 
Debunking the Civilization-Savagism Paradigm
Lyla June Johnson

This talk delves into the philosophy, technology, architecture, food production, forestry, spirituality and social mechanisms that allowed/allow Diné people to thrive within the harsh deserts of the Southwest.  Evidence of deliberate eclipse of Indigenous wisdom from the historical canon currently prescribed to the masses is also explored.

Elders Panel

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