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Each of the elements of Ethnoautobiography represents stepping-stones or points of reflection mirroring the workings of our minds with the capacity to identify distortions. Each term or dimension is a teaching. When we hold that teaching before the light of Indigenous mind it helps us to free ourselves from the torment of being separated from the source of our being, the source of our power, and it helps us develop the capacity to experience life in all its vitality. In so doing, even just a moment of immersion in this ceremony points the way out of the disasters our rational mind has created by rejecting its ethnoautobiographical grounding. The terms and stories in this workbook help us to make our inner voices for peace audible, to hear the voices of our ancestors, to offer forgiveness for the traumas of our histories, and to reconcile with our natural born inheritance, our Indigenous mind. Apela Colorado, Worldwide Indigenous Science Network.

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