Joyce Anastasia

Joyce Anastasia serves as a transformational leadership consultant, disarming people with hopeful solutions and guidance to lead their lives with the greatest wisdom possible, helping them to create a powerful difference on this planet. With 20+ years of experience in multidisciplinary psychology, creative arts, business and leadership, she has traveled extensively, bridging Western and Indigenous cultures, intuition and logic, and the divine masculine and feminine.  She published the book Extraordinary Leadership During Extraordinary Times, inspiring a call for leaders everywhere – from corporate executives and heads of state to ordinary individuals – to explore 7 Vital Keys (including our relationship to Power, Truth, Integrity, Wholeness, Balance, Manifestation through the Heart), our connection to spirit and All Our Relations, so that we can consciously make healthier choices to lead with love versus fear.  Joyce’s service includes customized consulting sessions, group facilitations, leadership training and national/international speaker engagements.

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