Julia Weaver

Julia Weaver, LMFT, BFA, CMT, is a licensed psychotherapist, artist, and the founder of Art and Soul, a California-based resource center for sacred and healing arts. She has 30 years of experience incorporating embodied psychotherapy, sound healing and movement traditions, cross-cultural spiritual practice, and Irest. She also offers Awakening the Heartist Within workshops worldwide and dolphin swim retreats in Hawaii.

In 1996, while swimming off the Kona Coast, Julia had a mystical experience, spontaneously receiving Mandala images, taking her artwork and teaching into deeper dimensions of healing and spiritual practice. A widely collected artist, her work has been featured in New Age Journal, Mandalas, Journey to the Center, and Artists Envisioning The Divine. Julia’s passions include facilitating sound healing, rites-of-passage ceremonies, community revitalization and ecological healing. www.juliamandalaweaver.com

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