Elenita Strobel


Can literary fiction, when paired with poetry and movement, enliven our mythic capacity to imagine an indigenous future? In this presentation, the novel DoveLion by Eileen Tabios, inspires the audience to reimagine the indigenous future of an island nation that has been liberated from the grip of authoritarianism by the descendants of a Babaylan (Philippine shaman/medicine person) in the diaspora.

This presentation asks:   What is the role of the Poet/Novelist/Artist in liberating our imaginations?

Leny Mendoza Strobel is Kapampangan (from Central Luzon, Pampanga, Philippines). She current dwells on Pomo and Coast Miwok lands.  She is Professor Emeritus of American Multicultural Studies at Sonoma State University. She is also the author of books and edited anthologies about the Babaylan Tradition in the Philippines.


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