2019 Panelist: Hmong Lecture – Berkeley

Dr. Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco for many years.  He is a pioneer in the study of consciousness, having conducted research in the areas of dreams, hypnosis, shamanism, and dissociation, often from a cross-cultural perspective, and with an emphasis on anomalous phenomena.  

Jurgen Kremer  is a scholar, writer, storyteller, and poet.  He has written about indigeneity, the impact of colonization, ethnoautobiography, the bear, healing, and cosmology.

JANA DIN is a 30- year veteran high school teacher, co-founder of the Tao Center for Healing, and a shamanic healer. In 1995, Jana’s spiritual awakening began with very dramatic events. In order to find the meaning of these events, Jana embarked on a spiritual path leading to a six – year shamanic healing apprenticeship with Paula Denham.

Sylvie Minot comes from a lineage of warriors and healers from Laos, Vietnam, and France.  Her lineage motivated her to bring dance to people in the midst of their healing process, as well as, her own.  A certified 5Rythms teacher, trained in the Heartbeat map by Gabrielle Roth, has taught 5 Rhythms dance classes and workshops throughout the US and abroad.

Jenee Liusongyaj, aka Chua Xiong, is a Hmong shaman of Chinese descent.  Her innate ability to be a communication bridge of the spirit world became dramatically apparent as a young girl. Jenee teaches shamanic apprentices of many ages and conducts Hmong healing ceremonies for clients, as well as,  patients in a collaboration with David Steinhorn, MD.

Zolboo Ulaankhuu,  inherited shaman from Mongolia

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